Just start an online business!

Aha… start an online business!

Did you ever hear the following sentences?

online business


So you start thinking…

It sounds easy, everyone is doing it, right?


Not everyone is successful though!

Yet success is what we want. And need.

After all, business is not a hobby in which we invest money.

Instead we want  to create a good Return on Investment so that we can build a sustainable business.

So how do we go about this?

Like in every business, we need a thorough plan.

No, I don’t mean that boring business plan that financial organizations like to see.

I mean a plan that inspires!

A plan that works.

A plan that leads us to our goals.

With the inspiration that fuels us and those we interact with.

A step by step plan. Easy to implement.

Fun to do.

Yes! Fun to do. We will spend a lot of time in our business.

Joy is what we want out of it to begin with.

And revenue.

So, how do we do that?

Step 1 could be to download the free book I wrote for you. 

It is more of a think-sheet. A reflection-sheet. A cheat-sheet.

It has some powerful questions in it.

Questions that bring you to the core of what you want to offer.

Questions that will lead to a joyful, inspiring, profitable online business.

Step 2

Step 2 will depend on how you answer those questions.

On your circumstances. Your dreams. Your talents and potential.

You are unique!

First things first. Step 2 comes only after step 1…

Are you game?

Then ask for the ebook and the business nuggets to follow.

I have made it easy for you.

Simply enter your email below and I’ll send it to you  …

My goal is to make your life as easy, fun, joyful, inspiring

and prosperous as possible.

That starts here:


Your email is safe with me. I love your privacy as much as I love my own. So I will never share your email with others and handle it with care. You’ll even receive an email with a link to confirm your request. That way I can be sure that it is really you who asked for the information.

I hope we’ll have chance to talk to each other soon. Virtually or in person.

Have a  wonderful and successful day! 

Margot van Aanholt – Just Start an Online Business

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